Saturday, March 8, 2008

Meeting a Black Kitty With White Stripes on the Way from Galveston to Dallas.

Eloise Santerre says that her family has managed to keep alive the story over all these years about one of the older party members finding a beautiful black kitten with a large white stripe running down both sides. The Frenchman thought that it must be a wild kitten, but shouldn’t present any sort of a problem since it was so young, so he picked up the kitten and took it over to the camp for the small children to play with. The children soon began to yell, scream and run in all directions. A strange, but strong odor quickly filled the air. She said that the smell almost drove them crazy and that was the last time anyone in that family wanted to play with one of those black kittens with a white stripe down the side.

La Reunion Remembered, 150th Anniversary, 1855 — 2005, by Jim Forster

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